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Updated October 8th, 2014

Welcome to HERO House

HERO House is the name of our clubhouse. We provide educational, vocational, and social opportunities to its members – adults recovering from mental illness. HERO House is proud to be one of 7 clubhouses in Washington State, one of more than 300 clubhouses in the United States, and one of 400 clubhouses in 17 countries around the world. The mission of HERO House is to facilitate the recovery and rehabilitation of adults with mental illness in East King County. Our goal is to help members achieve and sustain satisfying, meaningful roles and lives in the community.

An important element in all of HERO House's programs is MEMBERSHIP. Those that choose to be a part of the club are known as members, not clients or patients. This is, by far, more empowering. Membership is life-long and free of cost. Members and staff work side by side during the work-ordered day. The emphasis is on ability, not disability. The environment and programs are designed to provide meaningful relationships and meaningful work for individuals that may otherwise be preoccupied with illness and disability. There is no therapy, counseling, or other kinds of traditional psychiatric "treatment" provided at HERO House. That's how clubhouse is different from other services you might be familiar with. Our program, however, is complementary to traditional forms of treatment. The results of research conducted about clubhouse programs reveals that members obtain an enhanced quality of life and have significantly reduced and shorter-term admissions to psychiatric hospitals.


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